Management of the entire Kellogg's EMEA Customer Careline covering 55 markets and 16 languages.

Integration of all CEEMEA Pringles brand Carelines into the existing team following the brand acquisition in 2012.

Deployment of a Digital Media Executive to manage 4 Facebook brand pages (Krave, Crunchy Nut, Special K, Rice Krispies Squares) covering the UK & Ireland.


  • CPM UK covers the UK and Irish markets while CPM Barcelona provide Kellogg´s with a multi-lingual team covering the EMEA region.
  • The team handle all matters of customer support from general enquiries, quality issues and complaints; right through to analysis of foreign bodies, specimen sort, dental care claims and crisis management/product recall activities.
  • Bespoke, multichannel communication response via phone, email, white mail and fax ensuring Kellogg’s customers receive a first class service.
  • Specific to the UK & Ireland, the Digital Media Executive provides online reputation management and blog monitoring activities. 


  • The Kellogg's Contact Centre teams handle an average of 90,000 contacts annually.
  • First time response rate improved by 92%; with digital response times reduced from 48 hours to a 4 hour turnaround time.
  • Significantly reduced overhead costs in-house
  • Provide summarised insight of quality trends, concern areas and consumer feedback across 55 EMEA markets enabling Kellogg’s to take action based on fact.
  • Dedicated nutritionist, foreign body analyst and brand ambassador roles to ensure accurate, high quality responses are delivered to consumers.
  • Delivery of premier customer service to increase customer satisfaction and engender long-term brand loyalty. 

"Customer Satisfaction soars with 92% improvement in first time response rate"

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