Direct Sales

CPM has been providing outsourced Direct Sales services in Ireland since 2000, when we were one of the first companies to offer such a solution.

The experience and knowledge we have gained over the years is unparalleled in the Irish market. We understand the resource structures, sales techniques and performance models to drive successful and compliant sales campaigns. Put simply, we are the leading and most reliable provider of face to face sales interactions and our track record of delivering sales for our clients is second to none.

  • CPM made over 1.6 million direct sales calls for our clients in 2014
  • In 2014 we delivered over 68,500 sales for our Direct Sales Clients.
  • We currently have over 134 Direct Sales staff working in the field nationwide and 22 office staff managing sales support for our Direct Sales clients.

We provide direct sales solutions to some of Ireland’s best regarded companies, on a Business to Business and Direct to Consumer basis through our field sales teams.

We also provide experiential sales services in venues such as shopping centres, tradeshows and various other events.